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    Here you will find detailed information on the ingredients used in our products.

  • Quality

    In our market segment, quality assurance and product safety take top priority.

  • Development

    Hyga is characterised in particular by tailor-made, reliable and innovative product development..

  • Sustainability

    Our company is characterised by sustainability and compliance with social and environmental standards.



The company Hyga GmbH & Co. KG is part of the KM Mahnke group.

Hyga supplies renowned, international retail chains with cosmetic and medical personal care products as well as innovative household cleaning products.

Hyga offers many years of experience in these areas and meets the modern requirements of sustainability, quality assurance, product development, delivery services and social standards.

Our priorities

  • Innovations

    We support our customers with a full service in developing new products and
    continual product improvements.

  • Customer service


    Flat hierarchies and highly skilled personnel allow us to respond quickly to our
    customers’ complex requirements.

  • Rapid implementation

    Innovations are implemented quickly and professionally, from the first idea to the final on the shelf product.